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Roof Racks Galore stocks and recommends Konig chains for 4WD’s and all passenger vehicles when driving in snow or mud. These Konig chains are diamond pattern and made from high quality alloy steel which are ideal for Australian conditions. They can be easily fitted and removed. The special “D” section steel links on the diamond cross pattern, gives them an excellent grip on snow and ice, as well as mud. We also hire snow chains for most tyre combinations.

Tyre sizes vary slightly between manufacturers, so it is important that all the chains are test-fitted to your vehicle at the time of purchase. Our experienced staff will check the fitting of the chain on your vehicle and ensure that you know how to fit them correctly.

Short Trip or One Off? We have Snow Chains for Hire.

We have a range of snow chains for hire, call us to find out what it is suitable for your vehicle. You can also visit our hire page.

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König offer a variety of snow chains for a variety of cars, SUVs, 4WDs and small commercial vehicles. The core belief of König is that snow chains are like shoes and you should never buy a pair without trying them on first. With options like self tensioning chain systems, you and your family will remain safe with ultimate grip in even the worst conditions.

König have been developing and manufacturing premium quality snow chains since 1966. Their consumer and commercial range of chains cover almost any vehicle on the market.

In 2004 König was acquired by the Swedish company THULE GROUP however in 2015 König was sold to the Austrian company SCHNEEKETTEN AG (part of the Pewag Group). This acquisition created a new worldwide leader in snow chains with vast experience in steel chain manufacturing. The Pewag Group has diverse interests in steel chain and wire product manufacture in Europe through its subsidiary companies. The Pewag Group has experience manufacturing snow chains for over 100 years.

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