Exchange Policy

Our "90-day" exchange offer

As you will probably be buying "sight unseen" we provide a unique and exceptional Exchange Scheme on certain products - see below - which lasts for three calendar months (approximately "90 days") from the date of invoice - one exchange only. If you decide after using a product that you'd rather have something else (e.g. a 'long medium wide' box instead of a 'long thin' one), we'll exchange it for you. We charge in full for the replacement item, including the appropriate carriage charge and a charge for any packaging needed for the return of the original. We pick up the return carriage cost. When the original arrives back here we refund its cost in full as long as it is in 'as new' condition, fair wear and tear excepted. However, we don't provide refunds, i.e. we never refund more than the cost of the replacement, so it makes sense to exchange an item for one of approximately equal cost.

*The exchange scheme only applies to orders delivered to mainland Australia addresses.

*The exchange scheme only covers roof boxes, tow bar bike carriers and roof mounting bike carriers.

A note on roof bars: Roof bars are not covered by the exchange scheme but if you have ordered bars which don't fit your car then you will certainly need to swap them for a different set if time allows. A surprising number of people order the wrong bars for their car, e.g. they order bars for cars with roof rails and then find that their car does not have roof rails, or perhaps they have a 2012 registered car and order bars for the model which was made from "2005 to 2012" when they ought to know that their vehicle is the latest shape "2012 onwards". We aim to show pictures of all the cars on our database to help you to avoid making mistakes of this sort. The issue here is that if you make the mistake then you will need to pay the return freight cost (a minimum $20 if arranged by us), although if we have made the mistake then we will, of course, pick up these costs.

We will always strive to do what is fair and reasonable to make sure that you won't be stuck with anything you're not happy with.

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