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Upgrade your car and discover a new realm of practicality with our range of Subaru roof racks. Adding roof racks to your vehicle is the perfect way to upgrade your storage without buying a larger vehicle, or moving bulky equipment without forfeiting your backseat space. Choosing the right type of roof racks can be confusing, which is why we have a team of experts ready to assist you with finding the best possible solution for your needs. Whether you want to add a roof box or install a bike rack, the team at Roof Racks Galore can help you make the right choice.

There are a few key considerations to take into account when selecting what type of roof racks you want to add to your vehicle. For example, knowing if you want to be transporting big items like kayaks or bikes, or basic items like luggage for road trips. Additionally, thinking about the type of car you have is also important when making your selection. For example, the right type of roof rack for a Subaru is probably not the same as what a Toyota Hilux might need.

Our range of Subaru roof racks has three key types - flush bars, platform/tray bars and thru bars. What you want to achieve by installing roof racks (e.g. what kind of load capacity you want) and the type of roof your car has are both important factors to consider before making your decision. Our range of Subaru roof racks includes a variety of brands including Yakima, Thule, Rhino Rack and more. Rest assured knowing we have the options to suit any unique set of needs.

If you're not sure about what product would be best for your car and needs, feel free to contact us to receive expert advice. Alternatively, if you have your racks selected but aren't sure how to install them, you can read more about our installation services here.
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