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I already have a roof rack, can I reuse it on my new vehicle?

Whilst roof racks can in some part be interchanged between vehicles, there are still limitations. Using the vehicle finder (Select Your Vehicle) on our main page, simply look up the previous vehicle and find the brand of rack you have, taking specific note of the part numbers. Then doing the same again for the new vehicle, compare the part numbers. The identical parts can be reused and you will only need to order new items for those that don’t match on both vehicles. If you do however need assistance with this, any of our professional staff will be able to help either in-store or online.

My aero bars are making noise, how can I stop this?

As roof rack technology has developed over time, noise reduction has also come a long way. There are however some factors you need to consider. If your bars have a ‘wing’ shape, make sure they are orientated correctly on the vehicle. They should look like an aircraft wing (fat side to the front, pointy end to the back). Also ensure that all rubber fillers are installed top and bottom to make the bar fully sealed and free of gaps. If these are in place and the bars are still noisy, check with our friendly staff either in-store or online for other solutions.

I have a different brand of bars to the accessory I want to fit, will it work?

Our suppliers are always looking for ways to make their products as universal as possible. And if you have bars with an accessory channel (T-Track) and the accessory has a T-Track mount, they are very likely to be compatible. If you’re not sure, our sales staff are always on hand to confirm this for you either in-store or online.

What is a T-Track?

Oval and ‘wing’ shaped aerobars will generally have a channel in the top of them which is normally covered or filled in with rubber trim. This is a what we commonly refer to as the accessory channel or T-Track, so named for the ‘T’ shaped bolts that mount into it.

Why do some roof racks cost more than others when they have the same load rating?

Load rating is not the only determining factor when it comes to quality or price. Some roof racks are easier to fit than others, and some look ‘nicer’ which can have an affect on the price. If you need help selecting the right rack for your requirements, please be sure to contact our team either in-store or online and we’ll be happy to use our expert knowledge to help guide you in the right direction.

What is the difference between a through bar and a flush bar?

‘Through bars’ have the metal bar itself extending past the mounting leg where it connects to the vehicle. These are generally more practical and give you physically more bar space. ‘Flush bars’ have the bar finishing at or into the leg. These generally look sportier/neater and sometimes sit slightly lower.

What bike carriers suit an E-Bike?

E-Bikes are generally much heavier than standard road or mountain bikes, which can often limit the choice of carriers available to transport them safely. In most cases, towbar mounted carriers are the best option. You can check a carrier’s E-Bike suitability and load rating in the specifications part of the product listing. As always, if you are having issues please reach out to our staff either in-store or online with any questions you may have.

About our service:

How soon will my order ship?

If our website says the item is “In Stock” then we will endeavor to have your order shipped within approx. 24 hours of the order being placed, excluding weekends and public holidays which are dispatched on the next business day. If an item shows “Please Call For Availability” this can sometimes indicate low stock availability or other potential issues, so please call us for the most up to date information. For out of stock items where the ETA from the supplier is known, this will also be indicated in the product details.

If I select Click & Collect, when can I pick up my order?

In some instances we may be required to move stock between locations for you to collect from your selected store, so please allow approx. 24 hours for this to happen. If the items are in stock at the location selected, the sales team in-store will contact you as soon as possible to let you know when the items are available for collection.

Am I able to return my items if they don’t suit?

We do offer return and exchange within the Australian Consumer law guidelines. Learn More >

Do you install roof rack and accessories?

We certainly do. For pricing and availability of our fitting services, please contact your local store via phone on 1300 071 264 or email the store directly and we will book you in for a suitable fitting time.

What freight carriers do you use?

We have a variety of couriers available to choose from. The best option will depend on your location and the service you select at checkout. Where possible we always opt for the fastest and most reliable carriers to fulfil our deliveries. You can find out more about freight on our Shipping & Delivery page. Learn More >

When are we open?

All information about our locations can be found on our Location page. Learn More >

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