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Roof Racks for Toyota Hiace


The Toyota Hiace is a van that is known for its reliability, durability and spacious interior, It is popular among commercial and

personal use in Australia. Roof racks for the Australian market are available for Hiace models from 1977 onwards, including the

Commuter, Long wheelbase and Super Long wheelbase trim levels. These roof racks are designed to securely carry items such

as luggage, kayaks, and bicycles on the roof of the vehicle, increasing the vehicle's storage capacity. They are made from

durable materials and are easy to install, allowing you to take your adventures to the next level. They are also designed to

integrate seamlessly with the rugged design of the Hiace, providing a rugged and sporty look to the vehicle. They are also

compatible with a wide range of roof-mounted accessories, such as bike carriers and kayak mounts, to provide even more

versatility for your outdoor excursions.

Questions about roof racks for your Toyota Hiace Van? Be sure to contact our team of experts, and we'll be happy to help.

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