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Roof Racks for Holden Commodore


Holden Commodore roof racks are a popular accessory for Holden Commodore owners in the Australian market, fitting model years 1978-2022 and

various trim levels including LS, RS, and SS-V. These roof racks provide an additional storage solution for transporting cargo and equipment on the

roof of the vehicle, allowing for more room inside the vehicle for passengers and other essentials. They are designed specifically to fit the unique

shape of the Holden Commodore and are made with durable materials to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. The roof racks are easy to

install and remove, and can also be customized with additional attachments such as bike racks and kayak carriers. They are perfect for those who

regularly transport equipment for work or leisure, such as contractors, tradespeople, and outdoor enthusiasts who want to make the most of the

Holden Commodore's versatility.

Questions about roof racks for your Holden Commodore? Be sure to contact our team of experts, and we'll be happy to help.

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