Introducing the Series 6 Platform:
Your Adventure Just Got Quieter, Lighter and Tougher

Rhino Rack Pioneer 6 Platform

Nobody in Australia has fitted more of Rhino's 5 Series platforms than our team of expert fitters. We were pumped to get our hands on the brand new 6 Series - and it didn't disappoint!

The 6 Series is seriously impressive. Our fitters couldn’t believe just how light it is and how smart it looks - whilst being even tougher and more durable than the 5 Series. Our customers are already loving it, with one of them calling the store back to say that they can’t hear a thing once it’s fitted to their vehicle

Roof Racks Galore now has 25 specialist stores across Australia, allowing you to Click & Collect locally - or simply head on down and have a chat with our experts who can talk you through the features of the 6 Series on display and even fit it to your car professionally.

Start by selecting your vehicle to see if Rhino’s new 6 Series Platform is listed. If you can’t see it, please contact one of our experts in store or online as there may well be a fit that Rhino haven’t listed yet.

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Series 6 Platform

Rhino Rack Pioneer 6 Platform

Why Upgrade to the Series 6 Platform?


20% lighter than the 5 Series, the Pioneer 6 is engineered to be the most lightweight Rhino-Rack platform yet. This is great news for your back (unless we fit it for you!) and will also increase your vehicle's load-carrying capacity.

100% Usable Platform

No channel apertures mean 100% of the platform is available for mounting accessories. You get more space for your gear, and every inch of it is ready for action.

Enhanced Performance

25% more usable channels for mounting accessories. The Pioneer 6 opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to customise your roof rack setup like never before.

Versatile Mounting Options

With East/West mounting channels, you have even more flexibility for securing your equipment. Explore new ways to transport your gear and tackle adventures head-on.

Integrated Wiring Capabilities

Simplify your setup with integrated wiring capabilities within all extrusions. Connect your accessories effortlessly and keep everything organised e.g. STEDI lights

Reduced noise and Improved Aerodynamics

60% reduction in drag! Detachable wind fairing inserts in the leading edge reduce drag, making your journeys more efficient and eco-friendly. We've already received calls from customers to tell us how quiet their new platform is!

The Ultimate Accessory Ecosystem

Discover the most comprehensive ecosystem of accessories, designed to mount everything from kayaks to fishing rods in seconds. Your gear can now travel with ease.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy a seamless transition between the product and your vehicle. The 6 Series offers a sleek, streamlined look without compromising functionality.

Upgrade Your Adventures Today

Upgrade to the 6 Series Platform and experience a new level of convenience, versatility, and performance for your outdoor pursuits. Unleash the full potential of your roof rack and embark on unforgettable adventures.

Ready to explore with the Rhino Pioneer 6? Contact our expert team for more information or visit us in-store to see it for yourself.

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Pioneer 6 Series Platforms
62100 (1500mm x 1240mm)
62101 (1500mm x 1380mm)
62102 (1900mm x 1240mm)
62103 (1900mm x 1380mm)
62104 (2100mm x 1430mm)
62105 (2700mm x 1472mm)
62107 (2100mm x 1240mm)
62108 (1800mm x 1430mm)
62109 (1300mm x 1240mm)
62110 (1300mm x 1380mm)
62111 (1300mm x 1430mm)
62112 (900mm x 1430mm)
62113 (1500mm x 1430mm)

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