What is CouplerTec?
CouplerTec is an electronic device designed to prevent or keep at bay rust, oxidisation and corrosion of your vehicle. The system runs off your vehicle battery and uses less than 30 milliamps of power. Capacitive Coupling Technology has proven to be the only method of electronically stopping rust.
Does it work?
CouplerTec systems are widely used in controlling corrosion in some of Australia's harshest conditions including use by the mining industry, surf life saving, government and council vehicles.
How does CouplerTec work?
The CouplerTec unit pumps electrons into the vehicle so our supply of electrons exceeds the demand.

This is achieved by creating a capacitor, our pad that is affixed to the paint acts as the positive plate in the capacitor, the paint becomes the dielectric which in turn holds the charge static (keeps the electrons from flowing away) and the body of the vehicle or structure acts as the negative plate in the capacitor.

So what we are left with is a big capacitor;

        -       1. The pad is the positive plate
        -       2. The paint is the dielectric
        -       3. The body is the negative plate

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Electrons are built between the positive plate and the negative plate and the paint keeps them there. How Simple!

Why Choose CouplerTec?

  • CouplerTec's state of the art Capacitive Coupling Technology has had unbeatable proven performance since 1987.
  • CouplerTec Does not void manufacturer’s new car warranty.
  • CouplerTec saves time and money, keeps paintwork shiny and looking like new.
  • CouplerTec will not drain your vehicle battery as it uses less than 30 milliamps of power.
  • Gets to and protects parts that other Rust proofing methods cannot get to.
  • CouplerTec gives you peace of mind that your 4WD is fully protected and guaranteed when used on the beach.
  • Authorised installation and service centers Australia wide.
  • When correctly fitted can stop or slow existing corrosion.
  • With over 500,000 systems installed around the world, so many vehicle owners can't be wrong - this technology works!
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4251.1 Electromagnetic Comp.
  • Member of Australasian Corrosion Association - Number 3883
  • Australian Owned and Operated.
  • Backed by a written corrosion warranty for all non-commercial vehicles under 10 years old.

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